Once around - Around the world in 1000 days





The start of the PCT 2019 is just two and a half years ago and the film about it is still in the works - but the next project is already there. It always needs a new perspective.


However, it will still take some time until then ... not only because of Corona. You can already grab your head ;-)

From autumn 2025 on King Olli wants to realize the project "Once around - Around the world in 1000 days" and walk around the world in eastern direction, as close as possible to the German latitude. Three years later he hopes to reach his hometown Marbach again from the west. Lady Magic Sunshine is still thinking about whether she will join him or not; she will definitely accompany King Olli on some sections. The length of the route (over land) is about 21,594 km, with a circumference of the earth of 25,500 km (height Germany). The oceans are to be covered by ship.


The route in detail does not only depend on geographical and political conditions. Asia and the USA cannot simply be walked through in only a few months, i.e. with a 3 to 6 month visa one does not get far. We live in the 21st century and are capable of many things, but a stay as a tourist of more than 6 months in any country is hardly possible. The question of visa issuance will therefore probably determine whether the venture is feasible at all. So the most challenging part of the trip is the planning! And should it not be possible on foot, then a less environmentally friendly vehicle on four wheels would be the alternative.

Since most of the route leads through Russia and Russian speaking countries, Olli has already started to learn Russian.


We will report here on the further development of the project.

Dreams don't have to stay dreams!





Part 1 - Eastern Europe & Asia

Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Vladivostok/Russia (10,976 km, approx. 18 months)


Part 2 - USA (American Discovery Trail)

California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Ohio & Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland & D.C, New York (4.738 km, approx. 8 months)


Part 3 - Western Europe

Portugal, Spain, France, Germany (2.128 km, approx. 4 months)


Circumference earth Germany: approx. 25.800 km

Total distance: 21.594 km

3 continents, 13 countries

1.000 days, 15 time zones

Temperatures: -30 to +40 degrees

Altitude: 181.351 m

Lowest/highest point: -53 m/2,688 m

Planned period: fall 2025 to end 2028